2017 Meeting October 24

parrot-2458853_960_720The 2017 meeting of the ICOM NATHIST Wildlife Trafficking Working Group will take place in Pittsburgh, USA, in association with the ICOM NATHIST Annual Meeting hosted by Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

The meeting will take place Tuesday October 2014, from 8:30 am to noon. All are welcome and there is not cost to attend, but registration is necessary, to ensure sufficient space. The meeting will carry on the work outlined in the ICOM NATHIST White Paper: Natural History Museums and Wildlife Trafficking: A Framework for Global Action. The launch of the white paper was a key step in aligning the activities of natural history museums in the cause of the addressing one of the most important ethical and, in some cases, operational issues facing natural history museums.

It was, however, only a beginning. The next steps are in some ways the most difficult, that of

Specifically, the workshop will:

  • Establish and/or reaffirm membership to the group
  • Identify priorities for action
  • Plan next steps and personnel for key activities
  • Plan next meeting

To register for the working group, please email hoellerl@carnegiemnh.org or call +1 (412) 622-3280.

You can find out more about the ICOM NATHIST conference at this link. If you would like to find our more about the ICOM NATHIST Wildlife Trafficking Working Group, or get more involved, please contact us at this link.



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