BBC News report – the Pangolin is the world’s most trafficked mammal

Photo: BBC News
Photo: BBC News

5 February 2015, BBC News reported that the Pangolin Manis spp. is the world’s most trafficked mammal, with roughly 100,000 pangolins a year are being taken from the wild and sent to China and Vietnam. They are taken for their meat (which can fetch US $250 per kilo as a status dish) and their keratinous scales, which are used for traditional medicine. Having become almost extinct in Vietnam, they are now taken from Malaysia and Indonesia, several tons per load.

As they eat ants exclusively, there is no hope of survival for individuals who have been taken form the wild, even if they are confiscated from poachers.

This is bad news for conservationists wherever pangolins occur, as well as for museums with pangolins as specimens. As rhinoceros sources of rhinoceros horn for the black market dry up, museums must look to the security of specimens that might present alternatives.

See the whole BBC News article here.




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