Fossil fish and meteorite stolen from Museum Augusto Schulz

Natural History Museum Augusto ShulzArgentina – On February 12, 2015 the journal “Norte” reported that on January 15, a meteorite and fossil fish were stolen from the Natural History Augusto Schulz in Chaco. The material has immense historical, scientific and monetary value.

The specimens, on display and used as part of their education programme, were taken by two unknown persons. Police have taken fingerprints and are mounting a full investigation.

See the full article (translated from Spanish here)

Natural History Museum Augusto Shulz interiorOnce again, this highlights the fact that natural history museums are often not sufficiently aware of the resale value of their objects, which are valued more for their cultural or scientific value. However, potential financial gain from natural history specimens is not lost on the black market. As the market for these items continues to rise, museum curators, collection managers and exhibition designers must give far greater thought to the security of their collections.


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