2015 Meeting Report

22330959856_0a21159efc_cThe second annual meeting of the ICOM NATHIST Wildlife Trafficking Working Group was hosted by the National Taiwan Museum on the 18th of October  2015, in association with the ICOM NATHIST annual conference. This meeting was an important advance on work to date.

At the meeting, we were very fortunate to have delegates from institutions including TRAFFIC; CITES; the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums; Carnegie Museum of Natural History; Denver Museum of Nature and Science; Taipei Zoo; the Natural History Museum of the University of São Paulo and National Taiwan Museum. The geographic mix was different from our previous meeting in Zagreb, affording the Working Group an opportunity to hear presentations that detailed important experiences from the Asian region.

22330942366_98aac838ff_cThe principal work of this meeting was to finish the ICOM NATHIST White Paper on Natural History Museums and Wildlife Trafficking. This was agreed to at the 2014 meeting as a key deliverable of the working group, and was ratified at the 2015 annual general meeting. This document is currently being laid out for printing. An electronic version will be published on the ICOM NATHIST Wildlife Trafficking Working Group website and print copies disseminated globally early in 2016.

22169255438_99e4b75464_cWe are very grateful to our hosts and participants for this meeting. Through this work, we hope to assist in addressing one of the world’s most intractable environmental problems.


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