The ICOM NATHIST Wildlife Trafficking Working Group is part of the International Council of Museums Committee for Museums and Collections of Natural History. This website communicates activities of the Working Group members, related activity of ICOM NATHIST and of the wider community.

The main page of ICOM NATHIST can be found at this link. A digest of activities of this working group is sent out as part of a regular newsletter of ICOM NATHIST. You can subscribe to the newsletter at this link.

Working Group Members

Dr Eric Dorfman (Chair), President of ICOM NATHIST and Director of Whanganui Regional Museum, New Zealand

Andrea Bračko, Zoological Director, Zagreb Zoo, Croatia

Dr Rebecca Johnson, Head, Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics, Australian Museum, Australia

Lynda Knowles, Legal Counsel, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, USA

Dr Isabel Landim, Chief Technical Cultural Diffusion Division, Zoology Museum of the University of São Paulo, Brazil

Terry Nyambe, Assistant Curator of Fishes, Livingstone Museum, Zambia

Dr Anna Omedes, Director, Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona, Spain

Dr Rudo Sithole, Executive Director, International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM), Kenya


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